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Trigger point therapy in Dallas, TX is a good way to treat a variety of issues. At Steve’s Massage Therapy Clinic, we use it constantly to assess your body. Having a strictly trigger point massage can be very painful, so we combine trigger point therapy with other forms of massage for a more therapeutic treatment. We also try and make sure each massage is tailored to your problems, and it is rare that we use one style of massage to ease your pain. Steve’s Massage Therapy Clinic has years of experience in pain management and relief.

A trigger point is an area within a muscle that becomes tight and tense. You can feel them in the muscle fiber as hard balls about the size of a pea. Often a trigger point causes referral pain to another part of your body even if you are not pressing on it. A trigger point in your neck, back, or shoulder, for example, can cause a sharp pain in your head or temple. This sharp pain is a referral pain. A trigger point therapist will find and focus on these very small, tight areas to release them.

During the massage, you will experience referral pain, but once all of the trigger points are released you will find pain relief. Trigger point pain is a very common ailment and can affect more than just the area it is in. Besides referral pain, people sometimes experience numbness and tingling at a short distance from the trigger point. Breaking down a trigger point will relieve you from all the discomfort it was causing.

Find out if your pain is caused by trigger points at Steve’s Massage Therapy Clinic.

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