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At Steve’s Massage Therapy Clinic, we also offer a therapeutic treatment called medical massage in Dallas, TX. Our founder, Steve, has been a medical massage practitioner for years and knows how effective and rejuvenating a medical massage can be. Medical massage is a treatment that is used to resolve conditions that have been diagnosed by a physician. You do not need a prescription for a medical massage, only a consultation with one of our therapists. A medical massage is not limited to a specific massage technique.

Many different massage styles are used during a medical massage. Neuromuscular therapy, for example, is often used during our medical massages, as is myofascial release treatment, rehabilitative stretching, and muscle testing. Neuromuscular therapy is an effective treatment for back pain that is caused by a soft tissue injury like a muscle strain. Myofascial release is used by applying a sustained, gentle pressure to connective tissues in an attempt to release the tension they hold, eliminating pain and restoring motion.

Combining these various modalities is the most effective way to achieve the desired results of pain relief and healing. Because many people think their problems are much too complex to be solved by massage therapy, they live with their pain longer and often consider aggressive treatments such as surgery. Through medical massage, we are helping people who thought they had tried everything and are on the verge of giving up.

If you feel hopeless about your pain or injury, tell us about it; we will be sure to help.

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